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Why Choose a

Selkirk Labradoodle?

Selkirk Australian Labradoodles - Our Values

All of our breeding dogs and puppies live in a loving home and are a part of a caring and nurturing family.  Most important to us is the care, safety and wellbeing of our dogs and puppies.  All aspects of our breeding program are centered around these factors as well as selectively breeding for health and temperament.  We are true animal lovers at heart and we are thankful to be able to play a part in shaping these amazing dogs.

What is an Australian

Labradoodle and why are they special?

Australian Labradoodls are charished for their loving and playful nature. They have a strong innate desire to please, which makes them easy to train and popular candidates for the service dog industry. This breed is a great choice for those looking for a companion, for families with children and for service dogs. Australian Labradoodles have beautiful, non-shedding coats and are a great choice for those with dog allergies. In fact, this is how we were introduced to the breed.

Our Location

We are fortunate to live in beautiful North Idaho, in an area that is adjacent to hundreds of square miles of National Forest - including the Selkirk Mountains. We are surrounded by clean air, unpolluted lands with majestic mountains and crystal clear lakes and streams. We live in the town of Dalton Gardens which is a community of acreage properties near Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Our home and property offers expansive areas for our dogs and puppies to run, play and socialize with other dogs and people.


Because we are a home based breeder, we can give our dogs and puppies 24 hour care and our dogs live a normal life when they are not mothering their puppies. We limit the number of dogs on our property to avoid stress on the animals to promote a healthy living environment. We have 2 permanent dogs which are our family pets. The majority of our breeding dogs and litters are a result of our innovative Guardian Home Program.

Guardian Home Program

To help us succeed in breeding the best Australian Labradoodle puppies, we have created a Guardian Home Program. This program is designed to provide a great life for our breeding dogs while at the same time help us to meet specific breeding requirements. Here are a few benefits of our Guardian Home Program.

  • The puppy goes home with the family and stays with their family throughout their lives. This gives the breeding dog a permanent home with loving guardian parents.

  • We can avoid keeping dogs in an unhealthy and stressful kennel environment during their puppy bearing years because they already have a permanent family and home. They typically come to our property for birth through weaning. After weaning and the puppy owners get to meet the mother, she returns home to her Guardian family.

  • Our dogs stop breeding at a younger age (to promote superior genetics and too much breeding is hard on a dog). While this practice is very beneficial for breeding superior puppies and keeping the breeding dog healthy later in life, it creates a greater number of dogs that exit our breeding program. Since our breeders all have permanent Guardian Homes they do not have to be adopted out as adults. This avoids the stress of the animal having to adjust to new living conditions as an adult.

Learn about our Guardian Home Program.